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Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex

UK Tour, March 1977

The first six dates of the Dandy in the Underworld tour were announced in early February 1977. A further three dates (Hanley, West Runton and Portsmouth) were added a week or so later at the same time that the punk band The Damned were confirmed as the support act for the tour.

Ticket prices seem to have been set at £2.00 for the larger, more established venues, £1.50 for the small venues and a premium price of £2.25 for the London Rainbow concert.

In an interview with The Sun (1) in February 1977, Marc stated that he had been waiting ‘for something like punk rock to come along’ and continued with ‘I consider myself to be an elder statesman of punk. The Godfather of Punk, if you like’.

In an interview with The Journal (2) in March 1977, Marc said that he ‘picked The Damned to tour with me because I wanted to put the best of the established bands against the best of the new wave bands, so we ‘ll see who can out-punk the other every night’.

References: (1) The Sun, 18th February 1977, (2) The Journal, 18th March 1977

Odeon, Birmingham 

17th March 1977

Rainbow, London 

18th March 1977

Pavilion, West Runton 

19th March 1977

Locarno, Portsmouth 

20th March 1977

UK Tour, March 1977

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City Hall, Newcastle 

10th March 1977

Apollo Theatre, Manchester 

11th March 1977

Apollo Theatre, Glasgow 

12th March 1977

Victoria Hall, Hanley 

13th March 1977

Colston Hall, Bristol 

14th March 1977

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