Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex


Dandy Lilac Tour Jacket

Although similar to the canary coloured single breasted jacket that Marc wore on a number of Dandy gigs, the lilac tour jacket has a slightly different cut. Marc wore the jacket at the West Runton gig on the 19th March 1977 and in 'The Soul of my Suit' video filmed at the Hall of Mirrors, Bell Vue, Manchester on 12th March 1977.

Dandy Tour Promo Jacket

Very much of its time, this was an almost paper-like lightweight promo jacket which was given to road crew members and friends. It's interesting to note the inclusion of 'The Damned' name on the front, indicating just how much Marc enjoyed having them on the tour with T Rex.


Marc can be seen wearing one of the tour jackets on a Supersonic show when he introduces a performance by Gloria Jones. Note: The jacket shown is not the one Marc wore on the Supersonic show.

Marc Supersonic Dandy jacket.jpg

Dandy Tour & Promo Suit

This suit was made for Marc at Danny Benjamin's 'Carnaby Cavern' in London. Carnaby Cavern made clothes in the '60s and '70s for many of the rock and pop stars of the time. Marc wore the suit for several photo shoots including the one at Connaught Place in London which was used for EMI's 'Marc Bolan' promo photo. Marc also wore the suit in a French TV performance and when he performed Crimson Moon on Supersonic. The suit was also used during the French 1977 tour and then much later Marc can be seen wearing the suit on the Swedish version of the Billy Super Duper album and the Final Cuts CD