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Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex

14th March 1977, Colston Hall, Bristol

Bristol Colston Hall has a seated capacity of just over 2,000. T Rex had previously played at this venue on the May 1971 UK tour.


In September 2020, Colston Hall was re-named as Bristol Beacon and continues to operate as Bristol's leading music venue (official website bristonbeacon).

Set List:
Jeepster, Visions Of Domino, New York City,

The Soul Of My Suit, Groove A Little, Telegram Sam,

Hang-Ups, Debora, I Love To Boogie,

Teen Riot Structure, Dandy In The Underworld,

Hot Love, Get It On


Venue: Colston Hall,

Colston St, Bristol BS1 5AR

Sound check: 4.30pm

The Damned on stage: 7.30pm

T Rex on stage: 8.45pm

Marc wore: Lilac jacket, Dandy t-shirt

and purple trousers


Click on the link on the left to view the Tour Itinerary for this gig.

The venue

Colston Hall 1.jpg
Colston Hall 2.jpg

Memories of the Concert – Deborah Loads


The following account of Deborah’s meeting with Marc was originally posted on the T. Rex Fans Facebook page in 2020. Many thanks to Deborah for allowing me to reproduce her story and post her photos on the Dandy website.

It was 43 years ago tonight that I saw T.Rex play at the Colston Hall Bristol on the Dandy tour. This picture of me and Marc was taken backstage there earlier that day. The other picture was taken at the same time. I remembered how Marc stood up straight and brushed the hair out of his eyes when I asked  if I could take his picture and for it to only fall back into his eyes again in our photo! Marc  later signed his picture in the corner when I met him again later that year. He liked it and just took the pen out of my hand and signed it!

I took the other two concert photos also. I was right at the front getting squashed at one point and Marc mouthed are you alright? I nodded yes, no way was I going to move from there! I don’t remember how we got into the Hall that day but there was only me and a girl called Sue as far as I remember at the time. We were hanging around the corridor and could hear the rehearsals going on. We saw Gloria and spoke to her for a minute or two. She was lovely with us as usual and said Marc will be out soon. She then said she had to get back to the ‘noise.’ I remembered thinking what a cool way to describe the music and wondered if it was American slang.

I watched her walk back down the corridor and into the Hall where the rehearsals were taking place and remembered how she stopped and fixed her hair before she walked through the door. I thought Gloria you are the luckiest lady in the world! After a short while Marc appeared. I told him I was  going to all the shows. I only missed Portsmouth, I think Marc was impressed by my dedication! I also remembered that I couldn’t wait to tell him that I had been accepted for my nurse training in September and put it forward six months so I could go on the tour! I should have commenced in March when the tour started! I told him that I was excited and scared at the same time. I remembered him saying something about don’t worry you will be fine. It’s a calling. Thought that was so nice of him to say that and for the reassurance.

Such an enormous time has gone by since then, and yet some memories are like it all only happened yesterday!


Deborah Loads

Photos above, copyright Deborah Loads

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