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Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex

Promo Photos

The two photos shown below were the official EMI produced 10x8 inches black and white photos used to promote the band. They were actual photographic prints (as opposed to mass produced mechanically produced prints) and made in relatively small quantities. Both of them were used in the 'Dandy In The Underworld' album promo pack with other photos being sent out to journalists and promoters.

The small photos shown below are from the same photo sessions and show a variety of poses, some serious and some not so serious. The T Rex band photos were taken in the back garden at Marc's house at 142 Upper Richomnd Road, East Sheen, London.

dandy-promo-trex montage.jpg

Alternative 'T Rex' photos

dandy-promo-trex-mont port.jpg

Alternative 'Marc Bolan' photos

dandy-promo-alt marc pix mont.jpg
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