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Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex

17th March 1977, Odeon, Birmingham

After a two day break from touring, T Rex ventured north to Birmingham. Steve Harley, one of Marc's closest friends and fellow EMI stablemate, attended this concert. Steve Harley has confirmed that Marc wanted him to go on stage for a song, presumably to sing Dandy in the Underworld as Harley was familiar with this song due to singing background vocals on the album track, however Harley decided not to.

A good quality recording of this concert has been in circulation as a cassette tape for a number of years and in recent times has been available as a bootleg CD.

The Birmingham Odeon was primarily a large cinema that also held a number of pop and rock concerts. The Odeon ceased as a music venue in 1987 and is now a multiplex cinema with 8 screens.

NB: For some reason, the tour itinerary states that The Damned would go on stage at 7.15pm, yet the gig ticket clearly shows a 7.30pm start. I have spoken to someone who attended the gig and he has no recollection of the gig starting earlier than 7.30pm.

Set List:
Jeepster, Visions Of Domino, New York City,

The Soul Of My Suit, Groove A Little, Telegram Sam,

Hang-Ups, Debora, I Love To Boogie,

Teen Riot Structure, Dandy In The Underworld,

Hot Love, Get It On


Venue: Birmingham Odeon,
New Street, Birmingham B2 4NU

Sound check: 4.30pm

The Damned on stage: 7.30pm

T Rex on stage: 8.45pm

Marc wore: Yellow jacket, Dandy t-shirt
and purple lurex trousers


Click on the link on the left to view the Tour Itinerary for this gig.

Photos from the concert

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Birmingham gig 1977.jpg
dandy birmingham poster LR.jpg

The venue

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Birmingham Odeon cropped 2 LR.jpg
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