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Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex

13th March 1977, Apollo, Glasgow – REARRANGED DATE

Athough the exact time that events took place on this day are unclear, it is known that Marc recorded a promo video for 'The Soul of my Suit'. Information suggests that this was filmed at the 'Hall of Mirrors', Bell Vue, Manchester on Saturday the 12th March 1977 (unconfirmed). The video is very low budget and, if the recording date is correct, appears to be almost an afterthought given that the single was released on the 18th March.

The concert at Glasgow Apollo was postponed on the day with reports at the time stating that vital electrial leads had been left in Manchester. However, the concert was quickly rescheduled for the following night but in doing so forced the cancellation of the Sunday night concert at Victoria Hall, Hanley.

As a result of the postponement of the original date the tour party spent two nights in Glasgow before moving on to Bristol.

The Glasgow Apollo was probably the leading music venue in Scotland in the early and mid 1970's. The venue went into decline in the late 1970's resulting in its closure in June 1985 and subsequent demolition in September 1987 after a fire that rendered the building structually unsafe. It is now the site of a multiplex cinema complex.

Although there is not an official website for the Apollo there is a website listing and detailing all concerts at the venue along with photos and memories from those attending concerts (glasgowapollo).

Set List:
Jeepster, Visions Of Domino, New York City,

The Soul Of My Suit, Groove A Little, Telegram Sam,

Hang-Ups, Debora, I Love To Boogie,

Teen Riot Structure, Dandy In The Underworld,

Hot Love, Get It On


Venue: Glasgow Apollo,
Renfield Street, Glasgow

Sound check: 4.30pm

The Damned on stage: 7.30pm

T Rex on stage: 8.45pm

Marc wore: Yellow jacket, Raleigh Grifter t-shirt,

white trousers


Click on the link on the left to view the Tour Itinerary for this gig.

Photos from the concert

T Rex Glasgow 03.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 02.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 01.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 04.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 08.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 07.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 06.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 05.jpg
T Rex Glasgow 09.jpg
TREX Glasgow.jpg

The venue

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