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Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex


This section will cover items which are in some way related to the Dandy in the Underworld period but released or published after September 1977 (with the exception of the Crimson Moon/Jason B Sad single release).

Dandy in the Underworld – 3CD Deluxe Book Set

Released in October 2019, this deluxe book set is the most comprehensive release of the Dandy in the Underworld album to date. Along with the full Dandy album (CD1), the set features 36 studio outtakes, demos and alternate mixes. Some of the songs on the book set are featured on The Final Cuts CD from 2006, however it is the 20 previously unreleased songs which stand out. The track Teen Riot Structure (acoustic version) shows Marc's embryonic working of the song followed by the more developed home recording with Gloria on keyboard, jump forward to the released version of the song and you have a great insight into how Marc worked and developed songs.

In addition to the 3 CDs, there is a 9,600 word essay by Bolan biographer Mark Paytress; memories and review of the T Rex concert at Newcastle City Hall in 1977; an article by close friend Steve Harley and several pages showing Dandy related memorabilia. This is a great addition to anyone's Marc Bolan collection – fully recommend it!

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Dandy Deluxe INNERS sml.jpg

Dandy in the Underworld – Red & Blue Coloured 10" Vinyl)

Released in October 2019 as a tie-in with the book set (shown above), this release features two 10" singles pressed on red and blue vinyl.

The set features the original single release of Dandy in the Underworld and Celebrate Summer along with various alternative versions of Dandy era songs.

Dandy and Celebrate 10 inch B sml.jpg
Dandy and Celebrate 10 inch A sml.jpg
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