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Dandy in the Underworld

Marc Bolan & T Rex

Press Ads

The following full page adverts were placed in the leading music newspapers of the day, namely Record Mirror, Sounds, New Musical Express (NME) and Melody Maker.

Prior to the publication of the full page advert for 'I Love To Boogie', smaller 'teaser' adverts (6"x7") were placed in the music papers in the weeks before the single release. These humorous 'teaser' adverts make no reference to T Rex or the release of the single but were used to generate an interest. Perhaps surprisingly the full page advert for 'I Love To' Boogie' does not say that it is a new single (it could have been an album), and does not mention T Rex. It was a subtle but effective way of promoting the single and suggests that there was an air of confidence about this release.

The full page adverts for 'The Soul Of My Suit' and the 'Dandy In The Underworld' album were much more predictable affairs with both using the Dandy graphic as the main picture image and using the advert to also promote the March 1977 tour.

The full page advert for 'Crimson Moon'/'Jason B. Sad', a posthumous release in April 1978, showed the front cover of the single and gave the information required to claim a free Marc Bolan colour poster.

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