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As a child I had a small camera and was always keen to record the world through it at every opportunity. However my first real experience of photography occurred in the sixth form at school where I first used an SLR camera; learned how to develop film and make black and white prints in the darkroom.


My interest in photography soon led me to having my own SLR camera and, inevitably, a small home darkroom set-up followed soon after. After sixth form I went to college to study for a Higher Diploma in Applied Design and then a degree in Graphic Design. Bliss! Five years at art college with free film and photo paper with a darkroom all set up. Although never the main focus of either of my courses, photography was very much encouraged.


Post college I became a freelance graphic designer and once again had my own darkroom for a number of years until photography went through, arguably, it’s biggest revolution with the advent of digital SLR cameras. This suited me just fine as it gave me an opportunity to use those Photoshop skills I had already learned in graphic design. Knowing what is possible in Photoshop certainly influences the photos I take – how else could I create the circular panoramas without it? – but the taking of a good photo is still an art in itself.

I still record the world through my camera...I just do it a lot better now!

Daventry Photographic Society

Photographer of the Year: 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2024

Runner up: 2015

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